Live Stream

Help, my livestream isn’t working, is out of sync, or something else weird!

The first thing to try is just reloading the page in your browser. Many of these kinds of issues are resolved this way.
Still having trouble? Make sure you have a good internet signal. If you’re able to plug into a network instead of using WiFi, do that.

I can’t hear anything!

Make sure the player isn’t muted! Click the little audio icon at the bottom of the player.

Can I watch on my AppleTV?

Probably! If you have an AppleTV or another Apple AirPlay-compatible device, you should be able to send your stream to your TV by clicking the “Start Casting” button at the bottom of the video player and select your destination. Make sure your AirPlay device is on the same network!

What about Roku? Or Chromecast? Kindle Fire??!?!

Unfortunately we haven’t tested all these platforms yet. We’ll have more information as soon as we can, but if you get it to work, we’d love to hear about it!

Having some other issue?

Email us here. We’ll get back to you as quickly as we can.