Adventures in Lockdown

From the creators of Savage Love, HUMP!, and SPLIFF

Introducing the Confinement Online Film Festival– COFF! Volume 1!
We asked you to send us your homemade short films exploring our current reality of social distancing and self-quarantine. To say your response was overwhelming is an understatement! You sent us hilarious short films, incredibly poignant vignettes, dystopian nightmares, too real anxiety spirals, silly mini-dramas, and isolation mind fucks galore! We were completely blown away! The sheer creativity of these filmmakers, young and old, is pure entertainment any way you slice it. And so thanks to you, we are proud to bring you COFF– an evening of creative solitary entertainment!

Get your tickets now for this one-of-a-kind film festival made for a one-of-a-kind time in history!


CoFF - Volume 1 Trailer!

The Films! (Volume 1)

  • Isolations

    A touching dance routine unites a Los Angeles neighborhood – proving we’re not alone.

  • Quarantine Life: Anger Management

    Fuses are short these days. This mock PSA can help you understand your aggressive impulses.

  • Acts of Isolation

    This funny collection of streaming micro-episodes showcase the daily struggles of quarantine.

  • Zoom Tutorial

    Zoom is the best! Always easy to use and nothing ever goes wrong!

  • The Introvert

    As the weeks add up, we find our inner demons and angels are suffering too.

  • Going Viral

    Absurdity reigns supreme during this feline’s interview with the COVID-19 virus.

  • During Quarantine

    The opposite ends of the stay-at-home spectrum collide with these testimonials.

  • Toilet Paper

    “I thought we were just going to get more toilet paper?!”

  • Dolphins Went to Venice

    A haunting intersection of poetry and prose. Existential filmmaking at its best.

  • Girl Talk

    Anybody else have a new best friend named Alexa? Reality blurs between these two gal-pals.

  • L'ognion

    Any sense of reality quickly vanishes in this fanciful, culinary delusion.

  • How to Dress a Dog

    One man goes to great lengths (at least 6 feet) to win the heart of his neighbor.

  • Trapped

    Dream or reality? Obsession takes over in this chilling snapshot of one homeowner’s psyche.

  • The Introverted Loneliness of Roxanne Shaker

    quirky narration explains that it is life as usual for this lonely introvert.

  • Morning Routine

    When his daily habits are interrupted by lockdown, terror creeps into one man’s sense of normalcy.

  • Look Around

    Using cinematic imagery, this guided meditation is sure to hypnotize and inspire.

  • Rainbow Road

    The rules to this board game are many, but the most important is that this kid always wins!

  • Doodle

    With nothing to do and plenty of time, perhaps our worst enemies are our selves.

  • Zoom Wedding

    No glitches here! Everything goes according to plan at this family’s virtual gathering.

  • Catherine

    Sometimes you just need to dance it out to feel purr-fect.

  • Finger Trouble

    Madness sets in as one man tries to life-hack his way through isolation.

  • Part 0: The Oscar Noms

    Desperate for intellectual conversation, sometimes dogs are man’s only friend.

  • Covid-21

    One year after the outbreak, the world is a dangerous place. It’s everyone for themselves!

  • A Covid-19 Love Story: Marc & Mary

    A poignant and emotional look at serendipity in confinement.

  • Somebody

    One body – many faces. This single woman dates the greats without leaving home.